Music made physical

Redefine what you expect from sound.

Powered Subwoofers

BASS Fanatics

Get hooked on deep

BASS Fanatics

Get hooked on deep

Bass you can swim in.
No hype. Just depth.

“I went through buying all kinds of speakers with expectations of something that was going to make the place blow apart. I have finally found that in the ZV28 Subwoofer. You’re just feeling the bass. Every gig, it’s a head turner.” – James Bowen | DJ JB Special

Redefine What You Expect from Sound

BASSBOSS LA88 Powered Line Array

Based on the BASS

Our extreme low-frequency Suwoofers kick loud, clean, DEEP bass. Mass-market subs can’t touch them.

Pristine, Natural Highs

Crystal clear Tops + MicroMains thrill crowds with super-charged output from extraordinarily compact cabinets.

Festival Quality Systems

The highest-quality components power BASSBOSS. From amps to drivers, cabinets to covers, we source the best.

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BASSBOSS Design and Philosophy

BASSBOSS Believers

Tops + MicroMains

Pure, Deep, Intense

With or without a subwoofer

Pure, Deep, Intense

With or without a subwoofer

Extraordinary output levels.
Clean highs, deep lows.

Carry less, do much more.

Blake Biellier“In full range, they sound like there are two subs with each of them! They have tons of transient response! This is a game changer because there is no need for hauling around a sub to smaller events. They project sound over a wide area and for a great distance.~ Blake Biellier | TechHipp

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Jeremy Conklin

This sound system gives me so much job security it’s nuts. Everyone now associates the best sound with us and BASSBOSS.

Kevin Compton

BassBoss hit it out of the park with the DV12! They sound better than my buddy’s full EV EKX setup with 2 – 18” subs.😹

Daniel Paglinco

High Octane Productions

Right out of the box, this is easily the best sounding, clearest, and by far the deepest playing system I have ever experienced.