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BASSBOSS® weaves its magic with an infectious passion for music, and an unrelenting quest to deliver it in its purest, most impactful form. We believe in bringing the rhythm of life closer to you, whether you're a festival devotee, a party enthusiast, a home sound connoisseur, or a dancer feeling the heartbeat of a throbbing nightclub.

Artistry is at the heart of everything we do. Our product designs allow music to resonate at all its frequencies, facilitating a genuine connection between artists and audiences. At BASSBOSS, we don't just create audio equipment; we craft sonic experiences, offering a blend of raw power, intricate clarity, and a resonating intensity that echoes deep within your soul.

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BASSBOSS designs products tailored for the discerning audiophile who wants to create extraordinary musical experiences. Compact yet robust, our high-fidelity systems are engineered to be your durable companion, delivering stunning clarity, immense power, and bass that blows minds.

Every piece of BASSBOSS equipment is a testament to our commitment to exceptional quality. Each product, from our portable systems to our largest touring rigs, is built to the same exacting standards, ensuring that every event resonates with the potent power that defines the BASSBOSS experience.

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music made physical
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BASSBOSS Loudspeakers are crafted for relentless, vigorous use. Every component, from our robust enclosures and transducers, to our resilient amplification and digital signal processing systems, is designed to endure the intensity of show after show.

We believe in the transformative power of bass. That's why our design philosophy emphasizes a solid foundation, upwards. Every BASSBOSS product is a result of thoughtful engineering, precise tuning, and complete integration to create a harmonious audio system. Each is designed to pair effortlessly with other BASSBOSS products, creating system configurations that take your sonic experiences to unprecedented heights.

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BASSBOSS offers all-amplified loudspeakers imbued with state-of-the-art 95 Khz digital signal processing for unparalleled sonic performance.

Melding simplicity with elegance, our designs require merely two connections—power and signal—to kick-start your sonic journey.

Our meticulous design process strives for authentic, transparent audio reproduction, revealing the nuanced subtleties of your music that were once hidden in the shadows.

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Our roots are buried within the deep folds of bass frequencies, distinguishing us from the typical rock-and-roll inspired aesthetics of most loudspeaker manufacturers. If you've ever been disenchanted by the underwhelming performance of other subwoofers, we feel your frustration.

Our journey began with the creation of a giant subwoofer 30 years ago and ever since we've been designing systems with an unwavering focus on the bottom-up approach, for music made physical.

play it straight

The audio industry is marred by the distortion of product specifications. We refuse to adopt the practice of citing fleeting, misconstrued measurements that don't reflect the product's actual performance. We believe in specs that speak the truth, not embellishments.

We focus on what truly matters — consistent, achievable performance. When comparing our specifications with those of other manufacturers, remember: all that glitters isn't gold. Our specs are deliberately conservative, reflecting genuine, measurable performance data.

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up next...

What's cooking at True Lee?

We've got a full slate of new product releases coming soon for the BASSBOSS line, with new ideas for new frontiers of sound to explode your expectations of sonic experiences.

And soon... get ready to Freq.

Freq is a new line reference-grade recording studio monitors developed for committed creatives by BASSBOSS® Designer David Lee. Stay boomed!

True Lee Loudspeakers – What you hear is True.

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