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Lian Amber
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Lian Amber has been CEO of BASSBOSS since 2011 when she partnered with David Lee due to their shared passion for intensely deep and powerfully loud music. Her belief in the opportunties for BASSBOSS designs to thrill audiences has driven the long-term growth of the brand. She guides Company strategy, marketing, development and operations.  Outside of her role at BASSBOSS, she has pursued a range of creative and philanthropic pursuits.

Lian has been a vocalist, songwriter, producer, vocal coach, music journalist, nightclub DJ, world traveler, photographer and graphic designer. She served as Board Member and Board Chair for Austin TX music non-profits Beat4Beat, Dub Academy and Anthropos Arts, organizations providing free music instruction for at-risk Austin, TX kids.

David Lee
Designer & President
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BASSBOSS Designer David Lee has been building, tweaking, and perfecting loudspeaker designs for over 20 years. From selling high-end home audio as a teenager, creating epic nightclub systems in the 80s, to designing practical and performance-driven products for committed professionals some 30 years later, David has dedicated his entire career to the pursuit of intense and pure audio enjoyment.

David Lee has designed sound systems for close to 150 venues in the USA, and done extensive live production with BASSBOSS gear, including 8 years of ULTRA Music Miami and many other live events and concerts.

His focus on creating pristine, physical sound with gear that is easy to use, easy to move and easy to love powers the BASSBOSS philosophy.

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Javier Olivares
VP of US Sales
& International Distribution

With a diverse experience ranging from retail multi-unit management with focus on the Latino market to front-end programming & digital user experience, Javier brings valuable knowledge to our branding & digital marketing strategies.

Javier has over 20 years of experience driving sales growth within the Hispanic market. At State Farm, Javier led a retail office to top performance by developing sales manuals and resources for his team and region. As a Regional Sales Manager at a microloan company, Javier mastered effective sales pipeline management, lead generation, and referral programs, growing his region from four to eleven storefronts. Javier is passionate about consultative sales and business development at C-Suite level while being able to build rapport with the end customer–continuously delivering the promise of mission-driven companies.

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M Philip Sam
Content Creator
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M Philip Sam is an eminent photographer with over a decade of training and expertise helping individuals and companies showcase their confidence, their brand, and of course, their best light. He’s passionate about our clients, our products, and the BASSBOSS experience.

He has collaborated with individuals from a multitude of industries; from award-winning restaurants, luxury custom home builders, to national charitable foundations. Every shoot, every experience has informed the artist he is today and the breathtaking visuals he creates. He prides himself on a meticulous eye for the perfect shot but also the ability to improvise at a moment’s notice.

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Glen Allan
Director of Information Systems
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Bridging the worlds of art, music, and technology, and with a lifelong love of bass and a focus on how systems work, Glen Allan, originally a customer, is now bringing his game to bear as our Director of Information Systems.

Learning, adapting, and deploying new systems in the technology sphere is Glen’s specialty. He has around 3 decades of experience in many different publishing industries and IT. He learns how technology works and develops systems to help optimize use.

CE Lim
Procurement Manager
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CE started his career in production, sales, warehousing, sourcing, purchasing more than 10 years ago, and has worked in a wide variety of industries.

CE provides skills and experience managing and overseeing every step the manufacturing process to build the BASSBOSS product line for our Family members worldwide.