Welcome to MK3

A suite of updates to the BASSBOSS line to improve clarity, performance, functionality and safety via new amplifiers, new DSP, custom control software, IP rated waterproof connectors and global power capabilities.
BASSBOSS ZV28-MK2 Parallax

Introducing the
MK3 Updates

Performance gains and user experience enhancements.

  • Upgraded 96kHz DSP for greater clarity
  • Better power utilization for higher output
  • Brand-new software for remote control
  • Multiple onboard and additional pre-sets
  • Global power compatibility for 110 to 240 V
  • Weather-safe inputs, waterproof connectors
The updated MK3 line brings substantial improvements in performance and user experience across its product spectrum. The highlights include a novel 96kHz sampling-rate DSP, weather-proof input components, secure waterproof power connectors, compatibility with global power, refined power allocation, and an entirely new control software for remote management.

The new DSP in the MK3 series sets a high benchmark in processing power. This 96kHz sampling rate is a significant leap from the prior generations, offering better digital audio resolution, a reduced noise floor, and unmatched fidelity. The onboard DSP now delivers 8 meticulously fine-tuned alignment preset curves at a mere touch of a button. Further augmenting the user experience, swift switching between these presets is now possible without any perceivable audio dropouts or artifacts. Alongside other valuable features like remote diagnostic monitoring and loudspeaker group architecture, the MK3 series offers an unrivaled level of control.

The DSP isn't the only area where BASSBOSS has made major improvements. We have also made updates to the amplifiers to optimize power usage. For instance, in the DV12's preceding amplifier, there was a total rating of 3000W, with the woofer having a maximum available power of 1600W. However, the tweeter could not fully utilize the available 1400 watts on the second channel. In order to achieve the system's peak performance, the new amplifier is asymmetrical and drives the woofer with up to 2400 Watts while a smaller 800W channel ensures sufficient power for the tweeter.
The easy-to-use desktop application will allow monitoring of system status, control levels and convenient updates to the latest processing options via an upload function. The MK3 line products will always have access to the latest in BASSBOSS DSP programming developments via easy remote download and update.
If you aren’t physically near your speakers, you now have the option to change presets remotely using the all new ControlBASS control software.

Designer David Lee’s digital signal processing technology powers the MK3 line, and the “ControlBASS” software can support 100 possible BASSBOSS-developed or custom user presets. All BASSBOSS presets will integrate seamlessly and coherently with all other BASSBOSS products for effortlessly perfect setups.

Global power options have been added, with the entire line now able to utilize 90-250VAC operation worldwide.