BASSBOSS Family tellin’ it real.

A no stress, virtually self maintained product. David brought a couple of pieces of his Ultra Music Festival (2012) sound system in for an impromptu demo after load-out from the festival. His demo was impressive to say the least everything attached to the walls shaking and falling down. His equipment wasn’t even working hard and it had just taken beating after beating at Ultra in the Miami heat and salty humidity. Our team kept talking about the demo for two months after, as we weighed and tested all other sound companies proposals. Each proposal led us back to the effortless BASSBOSS demo.

My nights used to be a series of flip-outs and stress overloads running around the club fixing sound issues, checking levels, making sure connections or drivers or amps had not broken or overheated. Now, I can focus on the business and sales and customers.The system he left us with no longer requires my attention at all. I turn it on at open and turn it off at close and listen to all of the praise in between.

Operating Partner Treehouse Miami

ZV18 plays a profound bass in my office everyday. It’s brings new discoveries to the track I heard. This is a wonderful equipment for DJ! It is playing the low range that can not be compared with other subwoofers. This low range is for the wobble baseline, not for the kick. It surpasses Martin’s triple 15-inch woofer and two 18inch L-Acoustics subs.

I can listen to the sounds that I could only listen to at the concert venue in my room. I am very satisfied with the potential of ZV18. (If the shortest side of it is one inch larger, it did not go into my room.) My friends call me crazy, but the clouds is asking for it. (Translated from Japanese by Google)

Owner DRONEWRAP Janan Int’l

I have been a performer in Austin cover bands for over 18 years as a bassist. Have my own band now, so I get to choose the PA gear. I am a frustrated as bassist – I feel most sound guys have low end phobia, but I believe it is because so many cover bands buy the cheap stuff under the guise that they are buying name brand PA speakers. We use only one sub of my two and knock it out of the park.

I love my BASSBOSS speakers. I searched forever for that proper sound, you know… True fidelity. I listened to all the stores demos and sales pitch. I was miserable. It was that same mediocre sound I had been disgusted with. Then I found BASSBOSS on the Internet by chance. Hearing a demo, in 10 seconds, I knew this was the best. I won’t claim to know specs, but I know true fidelity and I will tell you I was blown away by the unbelievable sounds that possessed my head. Ear candy plain and simple. Thundering low end that doesn’t sound like a fart. That’s the other companies. High and clear tops that produce an underlying warmth. How do you make that better? You guys are game changers.

“Dean of the BASS” Bass Player

Lanai Rooftop Lounge in Austin, TX has a custom-built DJ booth/sound system combination. The customers and the DJs have been nothing short of amazed with the new booth. The sound level is perfect for our space. It is amazing the level of sound we can get being that it is concentrated within the booth. Since we have restrictions on our sound levels the quality is what is most important for the venue. The quality of the sound is un-matched in my opinion. It is clear and hits every part of the space perfectly.

Working with BASSBOSS has been a wonderful experience. From conception to installation they listened to exactly what I was looking for aesthetically and my needs for sound. After the success with the system they built for Kingdom, I knew I wouldn’t ever work with anyone else again.

General Manager Lanai Rooftop Lounge

They are truly masters of their craft! I’ve been doing electronic music events since 2009 in Quito, Ecuador. My biggest issue (besides club owners themselves) was always the sound systems: low end was never enough for my requirements. Before buying BASSBOSS, I used to rent JBLs and RCFs, which provided good sound but not *spectacular* sound. I first heard the BASSBOSS sound in Treehouse Miami and was blown away by the clarity of its low end. The BASSBOSS cabinets are easy to transport, easy to set up, and sound-wise deliver the highest quality I have ever heard, both in indoor and outdoor locations.

Since I am not an audio-engineer, I am glad I don’t have to deal with external amplification and compression, and everything is already inside each box.

The BASSBOSS service has been absolutely spectacular. They have been on top of every detail. I doubt any commercial brand would have had this kind of customer service.

Doer FrontLine

BASSBOSS sound is incomparable. Many club events to festival events in my career has taught me one thing, sound is everything! You can have the #1 artist performing at your event, but if the sound system is not up to par then neither is your performer. The best thing is the clarity! It’s amazing when you are in front of a BASSBOSS system you can carry out a conversation with the person next you while you still fill the bass hitting you in the chest. From the high to low frequency’s it’s all super clear and defined.

BASSBOSS staff carries the same quality as their product, AMAZING. Never have I had to leave a voicemail or have to wait more than a few hours from an email. This staff knows their stuff, and understand how to properly communicate even during festival season. They know how to take care of their clients without a doubt. Nothing but love for their whole crew.

DJ Benzo

To give a little history about myself I’m an International touring FOH engineer, I’ve worked on some very expensive large systems around the world, so I do have some comparison! I have to say yours was instantly there, just iPod straight from my little mixer with no eq it was on point! I’m trying to do less touring since I love my wife and friends, and I’m sure this system will get me plenty of rental gigs… I’m extremely excited to test this system at a gig coming up! And it’s awesome to have an American made system! (Barrett, RIP. We miss you.)

Props to your company and their designer! I unpacked and set up all the speakers in my basement, it was very easy! I quickly went thru my normal system testing playlist and let me tell you I was blown away! The depth and clarity in DV8’s is on par with Meyer, D+B, and L-Acoustic, all of which I run frequently. The SSP118 subs have depth unheard of for a single front firing 18”. I was afraid to turn it up all the way, my 140+ year old house might not be able to take it!?

Mix Engineer Katabatik Sound System

David Lee and friends at BassBoss are all good vibrations. Physically and metaphorically speaking. They’ve poured all their time into something that was really lacking, Low End, and it really shows. Not only do their subs look good on paper but they sound and feel even better.

BassBoss is a small team with a big business attitude. They are willing to take time out of their day to call you about anything from negotiations to amplifier details in their subs. It’s truly something remarkable and we think everyone in the Live Sound Reinforcement industry should take a listen.

Owner Pro Audio & Stage, Washington, D.C.

If you are looking to please your customers with pure sonic bliss, and the kind of bass that will get people talking about your rig, then look no further. Hyperia Houston has hosted some of the world’s greatest DJs on one of the country’s best sound systems (by BASSBOSS). DJs Sasha, Digweed, Little Louie Vega, Eric Morrillo and Andy C. have all have praised the ultra deep, smooth and organic bass that our system is famous for.

All the money in the world couldn’t get you better sound or a better product. Hyperia – legendary dance club that opened in the late 1980s.

Photo: David Lee in the 80s! 🙂 Hyperia Houston

Even at a quarter power, this system absolutely crushes it. The sound is thick and tight. I’ve had it for a year now. I’ve taken a third of the system out and the sound still blows everyone away. It’s incredible how loud and clear, rich and sweet they are. Playing on them feels like magic. Every time I turn them on I smile to myself. I can’t say enough good things.

August Alba | @Divine_thuds_

Our SSP218 Subs are performing excellently! The customer service and communication are top notch and the price was more than competitive. They kept on it to be sure everything was up to or exceeded our expectations. The techs were extremely friendly and helpful and every transaction pleasant as we worked out the minor issues that were in need of adjustment.

Now the subs shake the venue and our audiences have noticed the drastic improvement. I will definitely buy subs from them in the future! Thanks guys!!

Managing Partner The Chop Shop, Charlotte NC

I have used BASSBOSS in multiple locations/venue/bars and am very pleased with the product. I have never heard a more clear sounding sound system in any other bar. BASSBOSS is also great with customer support and service if ever needed.

I will continue to work with BASSBOSS for any project I do in the future.

Nook Amphitheater, Austin, TX

We love the coverage, that just one AT312 top speaker per side can do this whole room, without having to do a two-speaker line array. The clarity is great, and we love the SSP118 subwoofers. The combo between those two, tops and subs, it doesn’t take much, we don’t have to push, we have plenty of headroom. The bartenders who get bombarded by a lot of stuff have really noticed. Now if it’s loud, the kind of frequencies they’re getting aren’t killing them any more. It’s really not louder or quieter, it’s a better quality of volume. It’s not a needle in the ear any more.

Manager The Highball, Austin TX

I am the drummer for an Austin local band who performed Saturday night in the One-2-One club. We play a blend of reggae/rock music. The sound during our set was PHENOMENAL!! It was a huge factor in the success of our playing as an ensemble that we were able to hear each other with such depth and clarity.

Thank you, David! Your vision and passion are certainly making a significant impact on our world’s musical art!! Thanks for all that you do and how awesome it makes everything sound!

Drummer River City Royals, Austin TX

The DJs are loving the low end.
The DiaMons have massive headroom.

Thinking of adding ATs in a few months in another section.
Had such great feedback
Everyone is happy with it.

618 Cocktail and Whiskey Lounge

I have an entire shop full of speakers, several different brands, and I can say unequivocally that the BassBoss stuff is the loudest, cleanest, and most reliable of the lot. The 21″ sub has the same output as two of my jbl srx800 cabs, and the AT312 tops are easily the best tops I’ve ever dealt with. Even the smaller guys on the lineup are insane. The DJ112’s put out enough sound that they are being used as the mains in our nightclub, paired with a 21″ bassboss sub.

It’s nice knowing that the dj’s can beat the hell out of the system all night, and the speakers will be just fine.

Comment on Facebook, Sand Bar

If the human range of hearing starts at 20hz why settle for 40? I’ve been the Front of House Engineer for Evanescence, Paramore and others. Live music is my passion and part of that for me as an engineer is bringing impact to a performance, making it seem larger than life while maintaining a sense of realism. BASSBOSS may be mainly known in the electronic circle but I believe the rest of the music world can benefit from their ability to recreate pure un-hyped powerful/natural low end that we normally miss out on in most live performances. Even when listening to softer acoustic tracks I heard/felt depth in the music that previously haven’t been reproduced even by many larger speaker manufactures in a completely honest way with no additional processing or EQ applied.

FOH Touring Engineer Evanesence, Paramore and Others

I’ve been a band owner for 2 years. I started playing music at the age of 13. Sound mixing at the age of 17. Our band developed here in the heart of music, Austin TX in 2012. We have recorded two albums. Our style of music is Mexican cultural. We play the traditional Norteno, Cumbia, Banda.

I purchased our pair of BASSBOSS SSP218 Subwoofers in September 2013 but had started my search in May. I have always been a fan of feeling the “”””punch”””” when we perform and BASSBOSS did just that. There was no question in sounding incredibly better than JBL, Cerwin Vega, Clear Lake and QSC, the brands I first tried out. I highly recommend this great investment – you will have no regrets.

Owner Grupo PreZtigio

Opened in early October 2014, we are a 8000 sq. ft. nightclub and bar, as well as event rental venue. We are a sleek, clean, modern club, with 2 million in renovations. Our highlight is the huge dance floor with an amazing custom sound system from BASSBOSS. I love our sound system, it is hands down the best sound I have ever heard in Austin. It is the main feature of our venue.

My dealings with BASSBOSS have been consistent excellent customer service. The BASSBOSS team have gone above and beyond the call of duty to meet our needs. They have helped us on several events, and created custom software to help us use the system.

Manager Highland Lounge Austin

Doing a gig is one thing, doing it with SPL is entirely different. Two subs would have blown the doors clean off of this place. That SSP118 is nothing short of astounding. I don’t think I turned it halfway up for the gig and will have wait till I get to the store to hear it really cranked. haha! The system blew me away – dreamy clarity with sheer SPL. I didn’t process the signal at all and my records sounded flawless. I didn’t ride EQs all night, just gain. I felt like the rig minded itself. Everywhere I went in the room sounded stellar, with super-even coverage.

This was a room fool of sound nerds, vinyl junkies, musicians, audiophiles and quality snobs. Every single one of them smiling when I cranked it. PS I’ve never had two mains AND golf clubs in my trunk before.

Kirby Oliveras – DJ

This beast will just keep pounding. BASSBOSS SSP118 is a killer sub – not even close to those SRX 828. Totally different level, even my buddy that has the SRX 828 was in for a surprise. Shook the whole place and sounded like a club, hotel managers are amazed how the system sounded. We just kept pounding the bass and we can hear it from the outside of the hotel building. Not trying hype things here, but it’s just amazing.

So if you are looking for sub look no further! SSP118 will put that grin in your face. It’s worth every penny that I spent and I’m very satisfied with the end results. It sounds like it’s indestructible… it will deliver without anything to worry about.

Event DJ DJ Onyx

We needed something that not only sounded great but was 100% reliable even under heavy everyday use, and came to realize that BASSBOSS was the perfect solution. We consistently get feedback from our members that it’s the best sound they ever heard in an exercise environment. The BASSBOSS speakers are incredibly reliable—they never miss a beat, so we never miss a class.

We needed sound that would fit right in with our vibe, and BASSBOSS was absolutely the right choice. The sign of a good workout is one that makes you want to come back. Our members are really sticking with it, coming back again and again, and that says it all.

Owner RIDE Indoor Cycling

Just had a killer show last night. We absolutely destroyed the club. The rig is sounding great! We (and everyone else) have been blown away with the system.

Here’s what they said after our last show: “Anthony kicked ass and props on the bass too, sound was really good” @ BluLounge Indy w/ Anthony Attalla! “Those subs were gigantic!” “That bass in yo face speaker dead center was the real deal” “that bass though… Whoa!”

Mix Engineer Submersive Audio

I’ve been grinning from ear to ear with these cabs, our SSP218 Subwoofers! Because of these cabs and how well they sound, I’d be willing to go as far as calling it job security! We’ve found many ways to utilize them from great cinematic effects in the theater like the roars of Shrek this year with our spring musical to thunder and lighting for the Jr. High Wizard of Oz last spring! We’ve managed to use them for concerts with pipe organs; a civil war theme concert with mic’d marching bass drums!!

Often times we’ve realized that even if we don’t necessarily need to use them for an event, we usually find ways to implement them and things are instantly great. In fact most times I’m told by my coworkers, our productions are usually a “spectacle” haha! Thanks for a killer product!

Auditorium Manager Independence Community School District, IA

For SXSW this year we had the pleasure of using a BASSBOSS front of house and monitor system. The long and short of it is that the room has never sounded so good. The clarity across the entire spectrum was amazing. Nearly every band commented on how they couldn’t believe the quality and quantity of sound coming from such a compact floor monitor.

BASSBOSS were great to work with. Even during the insanity of SXSW these folks picked up the phone every time I called and took care of me. I can’t say enough about the level of service. BASSBOSS provided a level of personal attention that is hard to come by! Lounge Lounge Sessions


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