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Even at a quarter power, this system absolutely crushes it. The sound is thick and tight. I’ve taken a third of the system out and the sound still blows everyone away. It’s incredible how loud and clear, rich and sweet they are. Playing on them feels like magic. Every time I turn them on I smile to myself.
August Alba

What our clients said about us

I mixed for Flyleaf at Riverside Warehouse on BASSBOSS. The most responsive, smooth low end I’ve mixed on in a small club.
Before buying BASSBOSS, I used to rent JBLs and RCFs, which provided good sound but not *spectacular* sound. I first heard the BASSBOSS sound in Treehouse Miami and was blown away by the clarity of its low end. The BASSBOSS cabinets are easy to transport, easy to set up, and sound-wise deliver the highest quality I have ever heard, both in indoor and outdoor locations.
Mateo Naranjo
Doer FrontLine
Club La Vela in Panama City Beach, Fl. is unbelievable at how loud the system is but at the same time so clean. Bass that will shake you from 100 feet away but highs and mids that won’t make your ears cringe.

The customers and the DJs have been nothing short of amazed with the new system. The sound level is perfect for our space. Since we have restrictions on our sound levels the quality is what is most important for the venue. The quality of the sound is un-matched in my opinion. It is clear and hits every part of the space perfectly.


What really sold me on the system – how well the sound travels. From the low end to the high end, everything sounds clear. It was more than I originally planned to spend on an upgrade, but I was so excited about the demo that I knew it was worth it.

Velma Lily
DJ Velmalicious
I have used BASSBOSS in multiple locations of venues and bars and am very pleased with the product. I have never heard a more clear sounding sound system in any other bar.

When it comes to high end professional audio products, it is obvious how much care and thought was put into each cabinet – the high performance drivers, the construction of the cabinet, the super powerful amps, and the carefully tuned DSP software.

The AT212-MK3  are straight up gangster... they are insanely powerful. Massive power.

Jesse Fink
Jeze Funk
This was my first piece of pro audio equipment and I was super scared at first of spending so much money with this company, but nowI wouldn’t recommend any other brand of subs!
Nick Tipton
Paranese Bass

The BB15s sound amazing. I was able to fill a giant ball room with sound and bass with two DV12s and two BB15s. Plus they’re easy to carry. I had people at the hotel complaining my system was too loud at just 12′ O’Clock while playing cocktail music. This other DJ in the room at the other end had 3 carts of equipment and I only had one, and my system was louder than his. The BB15s are a mobile DJ’s dream, a game changer.

Ernest Fleming

I am so glad we chose to purchase the VS21 subwoofer from BASSBOSS! The performance of this subwoofer in your mobile DJ truck has exceeded your expectations, leaving you and your customers extremely satisfied. Its powerful bass response and excellent sound quality have undoubtedly taken your mobile DJ experience to the next level. The VS21 subwoofer has consistently delivered impressive performance, enhancing the overall audio experience and creating an immersive atmosphere. Ourselves personally, and our customers' satisfaction truly speak volumes about the exceptional quality of this subwoofer. It's great to know that we made a fantastic choice with the VS21 subwoofer from BASSBOSS!

I own a pair of SSP118's and still to this day get compliments on the sound AND look of the subs. I mainly do live sound gigs and sometimes dj events as well but mostly live sound. Bass players, drummers and club owners alike LOVE the sound of the subs and so it has resulted in more gigs for me due to band members wanting that exact sound every time. Clean, Deep,and Powerful.

DJ Kutz - Melvin Wallace
Kutz Live Audio
Everything is going great here and everyone is loving what we have going with the VS21. I It always makes me smile when the sound turns on. Such a game changer!
Highland Lounge opened in 2014, we are a 8000 sq. ft. nightclub and bar still going strong. Our highlight is the huge dance floor with an amazing sound system from BASSBOSS. I love our system, it is hands down the best I have ever heard in Austin. It is the main feature of our venue.
BASSBOSS are all good vibrations. Physically and metaphorically speaking. They’ve poured all their time into something that was really lacking, Low End, and it really shows. Not only do their subs look good on paper but they sound and feel even better.
BASSBOSS sound is incomparable. You can have the #1 artist performing at your event, but if the sound system is not up to par then neither is your performer. When you are in front of a BASSBOSS system you can carry out a conversation with the person next you while you still fill the bass hitting you in the chest. From the high to low frequency it’s all super clear and defined.
Lorenzo ‘Benzo’ Villarreal

I don’t have do anything to the system for it to sound incredible. For 1500 people just two people can load in and I can run it hard enough that I would think it would distort. I can’t make it distort! I can run it that hard and my amps barely get warm. So much easier to move! It cut down set up time from 2.5 hours to 20 minutes. My wife sets up the system for me. 💪🏼💁🏻

10 out of 10. Our four SSP218 Subwoofers are amazing and our room sounds beautiful! Nothing but rave reviews.

There are a lot of subwoofers out there but few go as deep and as powerful as the BASSBOSS line of products. It will put a smile on your face every single time you turn it on. Bassboss products are levels better than your mainstream brands. Don't settle for less.

This is a wonderful equipment for DJ! It is playing the low range that can not be compared with other subwoofers. This low range is for the wobble baseline, not for the kick. It surpasses Martin’s triple 15-inch woofer and two 18inch L-Acoustics subs.
I can listen to the sounds that I could only listen to at the concert venue in my room. My friends call me crazy, but the music is asking for it. (Translated from Japanese by Google)
Props to BASSBOSS! The depth and clarity is on par with Meyer, D+B, and L-Acoustic, all of which I run frequently as a touring FOH engineer. The SSP118 subs have depth unheard of for a single front firing 18”. I was afraid to turn it up all the way, my 140+ year old house might not be able to take it!?(Barrett, we miss you.😥)
We did an outdoor music festival in Austin TX. I had many DJs tell me how good the BASSBOSS system sounded. They said they heard sounds in their music they’ve never heard before. We had 3 stages running, and two of them had bigger sound systems that cost way more money. The BASSBOSS sounded much better!
Just wanted to let you know that we received the speakers this past Friday and everyone is thrilled. The AT312s are amazing. We did an A/B comparison test outside against 6 QSC KLA 12″ line array cabs and the 312’s blew them away.
Justin B.

I am always getting compliments for the sound quality at parades and car shows. The sound carries for several blocks... The bass you hear (and feel) in front of the port is the same bass you experience a block-and-a-half away! No other speaker has that much fidelity at that distance - none. BASSBOSS for the win at these events!

Bob Fleischmann
Reflex DJ Service

The SV9 and BB15 are perfect. I kid you not the club owner was upset that the sound in the small room was much better his main room. By a mile... People kept walking in asking what type of speakers they were. I can tell you those little tops are very capable for smaller spaces. 250 people or less depending on the location. For the first time in a while my ears were not ringing after a long night.

Alfred Williams
Vocals are amazing and effortless. It’s definitely pushing all the way to the back of the room, effortlessly. Wow, I’m blown away! Kick sounds fantastic. Absolutely fantastic! Even with a huge crowd the articulation is wow!
This beast will just keep pounding. BASSBOSS SSP118 is a killer sub. Shook the whole place and sounded like a club, hotel managers are amazed how the system sounded. We just kept pounding the bass and we can hear it from the outside of the hotel building. Not trying hype things here, but it’s just amazing. If you are looking for sub look no further! SSP118 will put that grin in your face. It’s worth every penny that I spent. It sounds like it’s indestructible… it will deliver without anything to worry about.
Jerome Pabalan
Event DJ | DJ Onyx
I have an entire shop full of speakers and I can say unequivocally that the BASSBOSS is the loudest, cleanest, and most reliable of the lot. The 21″ sub has the same output as two of my jbl srx800 cabs, and the AT312 tops are easily the best tops I’ve ever dealt with. Even the smaller guys on the lineup are insane. The DiaMons put out enough sound that they are being used as the mains in our nightclub, paired with a 21″ bassboss sub. It’s nice knowing that the dj’s can beat the hell out of the system all night, and the speakers will be just fine.
Justin Bohall
The gig over the weekend was great and the sub was even better. I used JBL tops with it and at max volume the sub didn’t event break a sweat… and the JBLs were blinking like it was X-Mas. In most cases, subs can’t keep up with the tops, but in this case I would need to have 2 JBL tops to keep up with one SSP118, and just maybe they may have a fighting chance.
DJ Moses B.

The ZV28 Sub truly has changed my life. I gig 4 or 5 times a week and every gig it’s a head turner. It gets me great response. I see how the bass translates to the dance floor. It helps people move.

James Bowen
JB Special
I want to mix all my music on The Kraken
Honorable C Note

I purchased a pair of BASSBOSS SSP218 Subwoofers in 2013. I have always been a fan of feeling the “”””punch”””” when we perform and BASSBOSS did just that. There was no question in sounding incredibly better than JBL, Cerwin Vega, Clear Lake and QSC, the brands I first tried out. I highly recommend this great investment – you will have no regrets.

This evening we are sporting the SV9 Tops and BB15 subs. Killer combo that leaves a small footprint and plenty of punch - Highly recommend.

Danny Gee

I am so impressed by the clarity. It is a whole other class of sound, compared to the speakers I originally intended to buy. It also has an even more compact and light form factor. The sound is so balanced and so clear. It reminds me of the first time I put on a pair of high-end headphones. It’s like being transported into the music.

Velma Lily
DJ Velmalicious
Okay the BASSBOSS subs have always been impressive, but just heard the two DiaMon DJ112 Monitors during my set at Treehouse Miami and I’m completely blown away!!
DJ Luke Hunter
Treehouse Miami

Because these boxes are able to so easily hit the lowest frequencies, it’s not just about that. It means that all the bass frequencies they reproduce are incredibly clean, and sounds you never even knew were in your tracks are all of a sudden present and clear. On top of their incredible capacity for high levels of super clean bass is their incredible capacity for all of that bass to be present at all sound levels. Even at what one might consider a 2 or 3 output, it already shakes the walls of a house, and that’s with concrete floors. With wood floors things get ridiculous very quickly. 😜

Glen Allan
Chaos System

We provided audio production Diplo and Skrillex as Jack Ü. The artists loved it and the audience never stopped dancing. It is always satisfying to see a crowd coming into a venue and watching people stop and point out the BASSBOSS system.

This speaker has a lot of power and I am more than happy and satisfied with my DJ18s subwoofer. I strongly recommend this product.
Isidro Lopez

Usually the neighbors just come over to complain about their newborns’ interrupted nap. One time we were having a little get together and I was in the mood to show off by turning all the subs on and increasing the output beyond halfway and we did suffer substantial structural damage.This is what happens when you try to turn a residence into a concert hall. Worth it

BB Forum Poster

Yesterday was my birthday. The running joke in my house anytime my wife asks me do you need/want anything, my response is always more BASSBOSS speakers. This could even be a napkin at the kitchen table. This is what she gave me for my birthday (pretty impressive mock-up I might add). The effort and thought was incredible! I think she needs on the design team.

Jonathan Mihellis
Finest Events
I have been using Meyer Sound for years. I was at a festival and a friend of mine was running the BASSBOSS Subs. I was floored by the sound levels BASSBOSS was able to achieve using half of the number of cabinets. From that point on, I switched to BASSBOSS!
Albert Caballero
Stage, Lights & Sound

We set up four of the 218s and 2 of the 312s and ran through every genre of music we could think of. Honestly, it was an emotional experience hearing music sound that clear and magical. I didn’t have to touch the EQ at all, it had crystal clear and flat frequency response. It just couldn’t have been more perfect.

Jeremy Conklin
JPC Entertainment

If you are looking to please your customers with pure sonic bliss, and the kind of bass that will get people talking about your rig, then look no further. Hyperia Houston has hosted some of the world’s greatest DJs on one of the country’s best sound systems (by BASSBOSS). DJs Sasha, Digweed, Little Louie Vega, Eric Morrillo and Andy C. have all have praised the ultra deep, smooth and organic bass that our system is famous for. All the money in the world couldn’t get you better sound or a better product. (Photo - David Lee in the 80s!)

Neil Heller
Hyperia Houston
My BASSBOSS sound system of two DJ112 MicroMains and two SSP118 Subwoofers never lets me down or disappoints. So nice to have headroom when you need it. It sounds amazing. I get tons of compliments on how people can actually feel the bass.
DJ Mark Rambo
We are very satisfied with the new BASSBOSS system! It’s well worth the money. The sound is so clear. I highly recommend them to anyone! You will be 100% satisfied!!!
OMG… I never thought there would be such efficient speaker systems available. What incredible sound! The kids love the bass because they can FEEL the music. BASSBOSS has made such a difference to our students.

After Ultra Music Festival (2012) David demoed a system for us. His demo was impressive to say the least – everything attached to the walls shaking and falling down. His equipment wasn’t even working hard and it had just taken beating after beating in the Miami heat and salty humidity at Ultra.

Just tested out my BB15. Wow!  I can't believe how much  volume comes out of it and the tone is incredible!  It just has such a nice rounded sound, not peaky.


I tested my BB15 against my RCF 708ASII (18" sub) and the BB15 was the easy winner. The BB15 has a deeper, richer, and cleaner sound even at low volume levels. Highly recommend!

TSC Productions recently completed the Audio installation at AJ’s Seafood and Oyster Bar in Destin Florida We selected BASSBOSS for this project due to the demanding system requirements. We love the system.

Setup at a wedding venue yesterday. Did our sound check. I like to run the system full for a minute or two to see If their breakers can handle the power. Two minutes later the chef runs into the ballroom freaking out because $500 worth of plates fell off the walls in the kitchen (which was on the other side of the wall  behind our setup). Vs21’s under those dv12s. Can’t make this $^#&# up.  

Jeze Funk
Just had a killer show last night. We absolutely destroyed the club. The rig is sounding great! Here’s what they said after our last show: “Kicked ass and props on the bass too, sound was really good!" “Those subs were gigantic!” “That bass in yo face speaker dead center was the real deal” “That bass though… Whoa!”
I’m delighted to own BASSBOSS. I just had an event where someone took Meyer Sound, 4 subwoofers and 4 tops, they were supposed to be very powerful but they could not keep up with my BASSBOSS system.
Francisco Ramirez
Grupo Radioactivo
We love the new system. It’s clean power with high fidelity, tons of fat low end and lots of punch! Thanks BASSBOSS!
Patrick Pfeffer
Partner | Club La Vela
We love these subs! they sound and feel so good. 0 complaints. We got a lot of compliments from members of the church. We’re happy with our purchase. Thank you for all the support!
The human range of hearing starts at 20 Hz. Why settle for 40 Hz?
‍BASSBOSS creates pure, powerful and natural low-end. When listening to acoustic tracks I heard and felt depth in the music that I haven't gotten from other speaker manufacturers.
I heard the BB15 at NAMM against many subs twice or three times its size. You can NOT beat its size to performance ratio! Gets low, where most twice it’s size don’t!
Aaron Weidner
The sound during our set was PHENOMENAL!! It was a huge factor in the success of our playing as an ensemble that we were able to hear each other with such depth and clarity. Thank you, David! Your vision and passion are certainly making a significant impact on our world’s musical art!! Thanks for all that you do and how awesome it makes everything sound!
Everyone was surprised at how much bass was coming from one woofer. The bass shook the whole building. The police came Wednesday when we gigged in the school gymnasium. They said we were shaking people’s windows in their houses.
Justin McClary
Justin McClary
For SXSW this year we had the pleasure of using a BASSBOSS front of house and monitor system. The long and short of it is that the room has never sounded so good. The clarity across the entire spectrum was amazing. Nearly every band commented on how they couldn’t believe the quality and quantity of sound out.
Two subs would have blown the doors clean off of this place! That SSP118 is nothing short of astounding. I don’t think I turned it halfway up for the gig! The system blew me away – dreamy clarity with sheer SPL. I didn’t process the signal at all and my records sounded flawless. I didn’t ride EQs all night, just gain. I felt like the rig minded itself. Everywhere I went in the room sounded stellar, with super-even coverage.
Kirby Oliveras
Full spectrum clarity! This is a great speaker.
Morphed Productions
The DJs are loving the low end. The DiaMons have massive headroom. Had such great feedback... everyone is happy with it.
Our SSP218 Subs are performing excellently! The subs shake the venue and our audiences have noticed the drastic improvement.

I’ve been grinning from ear to ear with these cabs! I’d be willing to go as far as calling it job security! I’m told by my coworkers, our school productions are usually a “spectacle” haha! Thanks for a killer product!

We love the coverage, the clarity is great, and we love the subwoofers. We don’t have to push, we have plenty of headroom. The bartenders have really noticed. Now if it’s loud the frequencies aren’t killing them any more. It’s really not louder or quieter, it’s a better quality of volume. It’s not a needle in the ear any more.
I searched forever for that proper sound, you know… True fidelity. I listened to all the stores demos and sales pitch. It was that same mediocre sound I had been disgusted with. Then I found BASSBOSS. In 10 seconds I knew this was the best. I was blown away by the unbelievable sound. Thundering low end that doesn’t sound like a fart. High and clear tops that produce an underlying warmth. How do you make that better? You guys are game changers.
The only subwoofers I know of that can continuously hit 21Hz at audible levels without breaking a sweat or tripping a breaker.
‍Whether they are playing soft and quiet or you’re pushing them to the limit, they retain their superior sonic character.
‍Genre doesn’t matter, everything from the deepest pipe organ to the bassiest EDM song sounds phenomenal. You can’t beat the frequency range or the sound quality.
Kingdom Austin has a legendary BASSBOSS sound system. I always look forward to any DJ gig but playing on that BASSBOSS sound sure does create some magic. Thanks, Kingdom, for recognizing and providing superior sound quality in a nightclub! Let’s dance!
Jason Jenkins
DJ Kingdom, Austin
We needed something that not only sounded great but was 100% reliable even under heavy everyday use. We consistently get feedback from our members that it’s the best sound they ever heard in an exercise environment. The sign of a good workout is one that makes you want to come back. Our members are really sticking with it, coming back again and again, and that says it all.
Look… This “little” box will literally blast the crap out of your space. They are doing things your brain says aren’t possible. This ridiculous box is your voice. It’s the one who brings the snap of your snare, the raging leads of your guitar; the one who looks at your synth and laughs when it shoves pure analog screaming distortion into its throat to sing to your audience.
Glen Allan
Chaos System

It is fantastic... sounds great with my bass guitar, sounds great with recorded music, love that I don't have to check it for limiting since it seems just do that all by itself.

Aaron Linder
We have been getting nothing but compliments in the studio about those speakers and they sound amazing on our mobile events. These can become the defacto standard for the Mobile world. They sound unbelievable and I just wanted to let you know!! You nailed it with the DV12's.
Michael Gentile
The Funktion House
They are insane! They sound so great now I want more! 🙂
Shayne Weekly
Rage Enterprises
Thank you and David for being such professionals and wonderful people! I appreciate what the extra effort, and personal touch. I’ve enjoyed the system so far! I’m definitely pleased with BASSBOSS!
My favorite speakers ever. I take these places where I am booked for parties and guarantee the host that the police WILL come, just a matter of time Plug and Play baby! I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with these bad boys against any other, any day of the week.
When only the absolute best sound with no compromise will do in your nightclub bassboss products are the Lambo of PA speakers and subs. Every single component in the construction of the product down to the amplifiers they use are all the best possible parts available. If you are serious about your sound, BASSBOSS.

There are a lot of subwoofers out there but few go as deep and as powerful as the ZV28. I’ve found that certain songs have really deep bass that I can only hear with my ZV28.

Kevin Do

They deserve every penny!! I’ve wanted the speakers to be loud but at the same time provide a flat and clean frequency response without distortion because most of the PA speakers in the market, they cannot maintain the flat frequency response, they might either have a muddy, harsh, etc. sound. With my speakers, I got the same quality as my near field studio speakers, and plus I can crack the volume higher and be able to use it on my small parties. Definitely recommend it!

Alican Bodur
ALI-J @alijmusic
Hands down nothing touches these for their size. Without a doubt these are twice the punch and loudness of any front firing 18″s I’ve used. Extremely tight and articulate response!
Christopher Ashbrook
Katabatik Sound
These speakers bring everything that’s required for impact and clarity without bottoms. If you need to stick and move with very little payload, two DV12 speakers get it done. ✅ A plus for this team of Pros!!!
Gabriel Moises
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