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Dream audio systems for serious professionals who care deeply about sound.

BASSBOSS Makara Subwoofer

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With BASSBOSS gear you can expect extremely high sound levels, exhilarating clarity and effortlessly deep low frequencies.

Enjoy true Pro Audio sound without the complexity, built to withstand even the most demanding conditions and crush gig after gig.

Simply plug and play for extraordinary events – every time.

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Introducing MK3

A full suite of major updates to the BASSBOSS line enhances clarity, performance, functionality and safety.

New MK3 Improvements

  • Updated Amplification
  • Improved Power Utilization
  • Upgraded 95 Khz DSP
  • ControlBASS Software
  • Remote System Management
  • Weather Isolated Inputs
  • Waterproof Power Connectors
  • Global Power Compatibility
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Family stories

stacks of BASSBOSS subwoofer
Aaron Weidner, Adubs Audio
"The only subwoofers I know of that can continuously hit 21Hz at audible levels without breaking a sweat or tripping a breaker.

Whether they are playing soft and quiet or you’re pushing them to the limit, they retain their superior sonic character. Genre doesn’t matter, everything from the deepest pipe organ to the bassiest EDM song sounds phenomenal. You can’t beat the frequency range or the sound quality."
"The human range of hearing starts at 20 Hz. Why settle for 40 Hz? Live music is my passion and part of that for me as an engineer is bringing impact to a performance, making it seem larger than life while maintaining a sense of realism.

BASSBOSS creates pure, powerful and natural low-end. When listening to acoustic tracks I heard and felt depth in the music that I haven't gotten from other speaker manufacturers."
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