ZV28-MKII Dual 18″ Powered Sub

Once you feel its power, nothing else comes close.

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The ZV28-MKII Subwoofer delivers bass so low as to be at the very limits of human hearing.

Notes that are simply not present with other subwoofers are fully realized by the ZV28-MKII, and frequencies that stress lesser subs are reproduced effortlessly and powerfully.


For super-low modern bass music, just two cabinets will produce exceptional levels of extraordinarily deep bass. The ZV28-MKII is designed to deliver an intensely physical experience for the audience. No other manufacturer produces a sub as powerful and low as the ZV28-MKII at a similar price point and physical size.


Experience full, rich sound that redefines what music can feel like. The ZV28-MKII makes modern dance music come alive by faithfully reproducing the very low frequency material that is not heard with other subs.


Includes a 4000W amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP. The ZV28-MKIIs are vented, direct radiating subwoofers with a large internal volume and a very low tuned frequency. Anti-standing wave baffles and pass-through dampers minimize upper resonances while very large ports maximize low frequency performance at high output. Protection systems and limiters control all manners of overload, including thermal, excursion and clipping.


The ZV28-MKII is optimized for full-power operation. It is designed to operate at full rated RMS power throughout its operating range while ensuring the woofers remain within their excursion and thermal limits.The ZV28-MKII delivers consistently flat frequency response, and a pair delivers response that is -3dB at 21 Hz. No equalization is required to achieve this response and it is available at high levels in real world applications, continuously.

The ZV28-MKII’s sensitivity is achieved and maintained though careful optimization, the use of premium components and innovative, proprietary thermal management techniques. Thanks to the deep-bass sensitivity, the robust components and the prodigious power, massive low end is delivered on demand.

They could not keep up with my BASSBOSS system

Francisco Ramirez, Grupo Radioactivo

I’m delighted to own BASSBOSS. I just had an event where someone took Meyer Sound, 4 subwoofers and 4 tops, they were supposed to be very powerful but they could not keep up with my BASSBOSS system.

If you like it low, then look no further.

Adubs DJ Service 

The only subwoofers i know of that can continuously hit 21Hz at audible levels without breaking a sweat or tripping a breaker. Whether they are playing soft and quiet or you’re pushing them to the limit, they retain their sound quality and frequency range. Genre doesn’t matter, everything from the deepest pipe organ to the bassiest EDM song, you can’t beat the frequency range or the sound quality. Very musical, they are not “boom boxes” like most. Absolutely outstanding customer support.

Serious Business Subs

Chris P., Phunkin Good Times

My favorite speakers I’ve ever experienced. I take these places where I am booked for parties and guarantee the host that the police WILL come, just a matter of time Plug and Play baby! I’ll take the Pepsi challenge with these bad boys against any other, any day of the week.

No Paper

The ZV28-MKII is not a paper tiger. Other subwoofers can be made to look similar on paper, but come up short in the field. Beware of loudspeaker systems that require processing to achieve their claimed frequency response. Those systems are still subject to the excursion and thermal limits of their drivers. Boosting low frequency EQ to achieve extended low-frequency response on specification charts isn’t the way to deliver superior results at maximum power. In fact, boosting low frequency EQ is likely to result in excessive distortion or woofer damage at full power. Under those circumstances the system cannot be utilized at full power. If limiting is applied to avert such failure, that limiting prevents the realization of the claimed frequency response at full power.

Will Not

Engineered to work hard and continue to work where others fail. With the peace of mind afforded by plentiful, clean, undistorted output and comprehensive protection systems, you can confidently push the ZV28-MKII to levels and depths that would require more or bigger cabinets from other manufacturers.

Tech Specs


Loudspeaker Description Extended Low-Frequency Dual 18 Inch Powered Subwoofer
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 24 – 90 Hz | 21 – 90 Hz (Pair)
Maximum Sustained Output 134 dB SPL, 1 meter, half-space (ground plane)
Max SPL (Peak)* 142 dB
Nominal Dispersion (H° x V°) 360 x 360 – Cardioid Mode Available with Multiple Boxes
Amplification 4000 Watt Continuous RMS Class D Subwoofer Amplifier
Processing Integrated comprehensive DSP provides high pass, low pass, phase alignment and limiting
Enclosure Type Direct radiating, vented enclosure, optimally tuned for extremely low frequency response with good sensitivity and high power handling
Transducer 2 x 18 in. diameter (457 mm) neodymium motor woofer with 4.5 in. (115 mm) copper winding voice coil and 56 mm (2.2″) peak to peak excursion. Waterproof fiber composite cone
Cabinet Construction 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood, extensively braced. Equipped with 16 flypoints, 8 steel handles, 2 pole sockets, 4 large rubber feet, and 4 interlocking foot pockets
Dimensions (HxWxD) 22.5 in. x 42 in. x 42 in. (23.25 in. high with feet)
Net Weight 225 lbs
Shipping Weight 240 lbs


Loudspeaker, manual, and power cable included.


True Specifications

BASSBOSS technical specs are based on measurements of continuous performance in normal usage. Other manufacturers may specify output based on calculations rather than measurements; measurements outside the operating bandwidth; or on ‘Burst’ or ‘Peak’ readings.

BASSBOSS specifications are conservative compared to most manufacturers. They reflect what the products will achieve, consistently, in the real world. Since the real world is where you’ll be using your gear.

Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.

*Peak output is calculated using “industry standard” techniques. These calculation methods create theoretical specifications that are inflated over what can actually be achieved. BASSBOSS real world output specifications are provided as “Maximum Sustained Output” ratings, which reflect actual measured, continuous output levels.

Deep Dive

Hand-Built Cabinets

The ZV28-MKII is a vented, direct radiating dual 18″ subwoofer with a large internal volume, extensive bracing and a very low tuned frequency. Anti-standing wave baffles and pass-through dampers minimize upper resonances. Very large ports maximize low frequency performance at high output.

For larger events, several arraying options are available. Block arrays, side-by-side arrays and front/back Cardioid arrays can be deployed securely thanks to the interlocking feet. Presets are accessed in the DSP.

BASSBOSS cabinets are hand-assembled in the USA. They are constructed from 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, using dado joints, screws and advanced composite adhesives.

Created to stand up to intense usage. The cabinet is finished in an extremely rugged, black polyurethane coating. Drivers are protected by a black powdercoated, perforated steel grill. The amp is recessed in the back of the cabinet to protect it from damage, direct sun or moisture.

Optional Flying Hardware. Side-pull anchors and/or shoulder eye-bolts and a suspension system with 16 x 3/8”-16tpi threaded flypoints.

Prodigious Amplification

A 4000W RMS amplifier with integrated, comprehensive DSP is included. The amplifier is rated for RMS output using continuous sine wave signal.

This is not a Peak or Burst power rating. BASSBOSS uses only continuous RMS power ratings because you’re not going to be using your sub in millisecond bursts. For subwoofer applications, Peak and Burst power ratings are largely irrelevant.

Capable of delivering 4000W of continuous output. This ensures the amplifier isn’t the limiting factor in the output of low frequencies. Providing abundant power prevents overheating issues. It virtually eliminates the damage that clipping an amp that’s too small can cause.

Rugged Drivers

All that electrical power is converted into acoustical power by a pair of 18″ neodymium motor woofers. These premium-quality, drivers feature split-wound 4.5″ copper voice coils, and peak-to-peak excursion capability of up to 60mm.

High-intensity Neodymium magnets are lighter and provide higher efficiency so the result is a lighter and louder cabinet. Split-wound coils produce a more linear force through the range of movement of the cone, which results in lower distortion and improved linearity at high output.

The cones are waterproofed to protect them from possible, accidental exposure to moisture such as rain or spilled beverages. Waterproofed woofer cones also permit the cleaning of drivers that have been soiled in a dirty or dusty environment with the use of a damp cloth. Keep the amplifiers dry and party on!

Waterproofed cones in all products. Optional weatherized and weather resistant loudspeakers have the same acoustical performance as our standard options. If your system is likely to be exposed to rain, ask about IP rated amplification options. If you have need of a system for outdoor installation, ask about Weatherized products.

Focused Tuning

BASSBOSS subs can be connected directly to your mixer with nothing but signal cable in between. The built-in processing is comprehensive and yet minimal manipulation is applied to the signal. The processing includes only a high pass filter and a low-pass filter. There is no need for any EQ in the signal for the speaker to provide a broad, flat frequency response. A sophisticated limiter system protects the woofer from thermal and over-excursion damage.

Plug-and play with peace of mind. Multiple, sophisticated protection systems make the loudspeaker virtually indestructible. You can turn on and turn up, all night, without fear of over-driving to the point of damage.


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Finance a dream system.

Easy monthly installments to get you booming NOW.


BASSBOSS offers financing for audio professionals with a business license through industry leader Hampton Ridge Financial

• Financing for equipment purchases of $500+
• Any business/organization can qualify, including Start-ups
• Positive credit history with a 600+ credit score can qualify

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