BASSBOSS Edu is an educational series in which I share the methods and processes to follow to ensure you get the best possible performance from your BASSBOSS system, if you have one, or from any system if you’re still working towards one.

Who is David Lee?

BASSBOSS President and Designer David Lee is interviewed by BASSBOSS VP of Sales Javier Olivares about his history, design aesthetic and the BASSBOSS “Why”.

Learn about David Lee’s journey to becoming a loudspeaker designer who is pushing the bounds of audio technology to achieve the monumental sound of BASSBOSS Loudspeakers.

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In these series, I dive deeply into the mechanics and functionality of BASSBOSS systems and go over the basic outlines of what to do, and not do, to deliver great sound to your audience every time, and all the time.

These series are all about making you look smarter and sound better. With this information your system setup will be faster, easier and produce the highest quality result.

Power Series

At BASSBOSS, we want you to easily operate your loudspeaker without getting stuck on the electrical application. This is why we’ve developed a core education series on power usage for BASSBOSS products. In this series BASSBOSS Designer David will be sharing 3 different, but overlapping, scenarios to consider to ensure you can put on a good show with whatever power is available.

Power Requirements

One of the biggest challenges when interpreting loudspeaker specifications can often be knowing what power is required to run your system and whether the venue has sustainable electrical output.

Avoid electrical outages, output issues and disappointing your clients by learning what your system requires and being prepared in advance.

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Systems for a 20 Amp Circuit

When first booking a gig, it’s critical to ask key questions about the electrical output at the venue. Most modern event spaces operate on a 20 Amp Circuit but it’s important to confirm to avoid outages.

Once the amp circuit is confirmed – you can better plan how to set up your stage for the performance.

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Load Distribution

The best way to combat limited electrical availability is to distribute your electronics accordingly.

BASSBOSS Designer David Lee dives into the many ways to distribute your systems on an amp circuit

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Product Overview Series

This series discusses the different BASSBOSS products and the unique features of each, how to set them up and best practices for use.

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DJ Life Lessons

Videos for DJ Life where David goes through some explainers about how to set up and use subs and other loudspeakers.

Presented by David Lee of BASSBOSS, this is an introduction video to subwoofer set-ups in different venues.

Among other topics, it discusses:

  • The compromises you may have to make while using only one subwoofer
  • How to balance the subwoofers with the tops
  • The acoustics of structures and placement
  • Tips on subwoofer set-ups near a wall
  • How to avoid audio peaks and valleys.
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This video briefly offers DJs some studio set-up tips, then more specifically addresses the set-up of subwoofers in a relatively small studio environment.

Topics include:

  • Recognizing reflection points in a studio, like a desk, wall or ceiling
  • How acoustical treatments can help minimize problems
  • The phenomenon known as “cabin gain,” and how it impacts frequency response
  • The use of “bass traps”
  • How to maximize sound through the placement of subwoofers
  • Why reflection is the biggest issue in a small studio, and how to best mitigate it.
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This video explains to DJs the variety of crucial factors that go into making a good subwoofer-system purchase.

Topics include:

  • How to understand your needs, as it relates to sound, transportation and price
  • Which genres most require subwoofers & why
  • The choice of Low Vs. Loud
  • Why continuous power is more important than peak power with subwoofers
  • Why you want a flat frequency response
  • How to fill the space with bass
  • How to plan for your use-case scenario and avoid companies selling “magic specs.”
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Production Subs

Mobile Subs

Production Tops

Mobile Tops



Quad 21" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS ZV28-MKII Powered Subwoofer


Double 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS SSP218 Powered Subwoofer


Double 18" Subwoofer


Double 15" Subwoofer



Single 21" Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS DJ18S Powered Subwoofer


Single 18" Subwoofer

BASSBOSS BB15 Powered Subwoofer Hero


Single 15" Subwoofer



Dual 12" Line Array

BASSBOSS AT312 Powered Top Loudspeaker


3-Way 12" Top


2-Way 12" Top



Single 12" Top

DiaMon 112

Single 12" Coaxial Top

BASSBOSS SV9 Powered MicroMain Loudspeaker


Single 9" Top