BASSBOSS Demolition Experience: A Sonic Odyssey at NAMM

BASSBOSS®, a trailblazer in professional audio solutions, proudly announces its 25th-anniversary celebration at The NAMM Show from January 25th to 28th at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The company marks this significant milestone by showcasing its iconic "Demolition Experience" demonstration room and releasing two new long-requested products that extend and complement the BASSBOSS line. 

BASSBOSS captivates attendees with its immersive "Demolition" demonstration room, a thunderously intense experience that provides a firsthand encounter with the unparalleled power and precision of the BASSBOSS product line.

Anticipate a riveting aural showcase spotlighting BASSBOSS's versatile product range, ranging from the cute and compact BB15-MK3 “Baby15” 15" Subwoofer to the hair-raising Kraken-MK3 Quad 21” Subwoofer on the low-end. The mid-high frequencies vary from the highly portable and capable SV9-MK3 Single 9” Loudspeaker to the ultra-insanity of the MFLA Dual 12” Line Arrays. These physically impactful demonstrations seamlessly bring together an impressive array of loudspeaker firepower in an electrifying event. 

Samia Scoda
BASSBOSS Brand Manager

BASSBOSS Brand Manager at American Music & Sound, Samia Scoda will be conducting the daily “Demolitions”. With a deep knowledge of the BASSBOSS line from her 6 years as VP of Sales at the company and an exceptional level of technical expertise, her presentation is an overview of the line that is informative and insightful. For a deep dive into the development and technological side, Founder and Designer David Lee will be on site to share his philosophy and answers to the question everyone asks - “How are you able to get so much sound out of such portable and powerful gear?”

The culmination of each Demolition knocks the audience out with aural exhilaration that is powerfully physical and verifiably intense. Expect to come out of a Demolition with your mind changed on what is possible with sound, and your cells tingling from the sonic bath.

BASSBOSS's 25th-anniversary celebration at The NAMM Show promises to be a sonic spectacle. Attendees can expect an electrifying showcase of BASSBOSS's diverse product range, illustrating the brand's unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled clarity and performance. As the industry looks towards the future, BASSBOSS stands at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of audio innovation.


"As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, BASSBOSS is proud to continue pushing the boundaries of audio innovation," says CEO Lian Amber. "Our 'Demolition Experiences' are famous for their intensity and based around our commitment to delivering unparalleled audio experiences for all. We are excited to showcase Designer David Lee’s latest technological marvels and demonstrate how they seamlessly integrate with our entire product lineup for a truly immersive and coherent audio journey."

BASSBOSS Demolition Room Location: Level 2 - Room 201D

Demolition Schedule - 1 hour each:

Thursday, Jan. 25 - Saturday, Jan. 27: 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm

Sunday, Jan. 28: 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm.

BASSBOSS Booth with American Music & Sound  Level 1, Hall A, Booth #11110

25-Year Milestone Awards: Friday, January 26, 2024, from 10 am-10:30 am in the Members Center

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