BASSBOSS Introduces ControlBASS Software

We are thrilled to announce the release of ControlBASS, a new software designed to enhance the performance and flexibility of our MK3 series loudspeakers.  BASSBOSS designer David Lee is constantly working to maximize the performance, reliability and utility of the BASSBOSS products. ControlBASS software provides users with the ability to perform updates to ensure their gear is rocking the most up-to-date performance enhancements as soon as they are developed. This doesn’t just ensure the best possible performance now, it also guarantees the MK3 products won’t become outdated or obsolete no matter how long they remain in service.

Remote control means BASSBOSS operators have control of levels without having to add any other gear in the signal path, and without having to have any uncomfortable conversations. It also means that system adjustment can be made from anywhere a laptop can be carried, not just behind a console or on the back of a speaker. 

ControlBASS expands the total number of accessible presets. Without the software, users can access 8 on-board presets from the back of the cabinets. With ControlBASS, access expands to 100 onboard presets, including the ability for users to save and recall their own custom presets. Users can also save presets from one cabinet to a drive and load those presets onto other matching cabinets. 

Key Features of ControlBASS:

  1. Remote Control: Users can control their MK3 loudspeakers remotely via a network connection. Presets can be loaded and saved. Gain, EQ and delay can be adjusted in real-time.
  2. Monitoring: Levels, temperatures, gain reduction and system errors can be monitored during events. Logs can be exported to evaluate the demands being placed on the systems.
  3. Preset Expansion: The software provides access to up to 100 presets, allowing for quick and easy loading and saving of different settings to speed up the integration of multiple elements in a large system.
  4. Firmware Updates: Through ControlBASS, performance enhancements and updates can be loaded into any MK3 series product, ensuring that the MK3 loudspeakers are always delivering optimal performance.