The NEW BASSBOSS CCM12-MK3 Compact Coaxial Monitor

It's a difficult search for discerning vocalists, instrumentalists, and venues seeking nothing short of pure audio perfection for their monitoring needs. For those seekers, it's time to say "Where have you been all my life?!" to the BASSBOSS CCM12-MK3, a 12" compact coaxial monitor designed to redefine sound quality and output capacity for performers, nightclubs, and professional installation needs.

The CCM12-MK3 stands out with its 50% smaller size compared to typical 12” monitors, making it an ideal choice for stages, fills, and space-constrained locations. Its compact design enhances portability and setup flexibility for audio production use.

Designed with versatility in mind, the CCM12-MK3 offers multiple monitoring options. It adjusts to three different upward angles for both standing and seated performers.
From stage side-fill to front-fill, pole-mounted to wall or ceiling installation, it's M10 fly-points and compact size open up a world of possibilities.

Equipped with a 12” coaxial woofer and 3” voice coil paired with a 1.4” throat compression driver, the BASSBOSS CCM12-MK3 delivers robust low frequencies and clear highs. Under the hood, a bi-amped Class-D SMPS with PFC delivers 900W LF and 300W HF power. The sealed enclosure design offers flexibility for both low-frequency extension and high-SPL operation, making the CCM12-MK3 a robust and versatile choice for diverse audio needs.

The CCM12-MK3 Compact Coaxial Monitor will be shipping in March from your favorite BASSBOSS Dealer!