The NEW MAKARA-MK3 Double 21" Subwoofer!


BASSBOSS is excited to introduce the Makara-MK3 Double 21” Powered Subwoofer—a mystic monster that transcends conventional subwoofer expectations.
Designed to plunge into the profound depths of 23 Hz (-3dB), the Makara-MK3 shares its DNA with the legendary Kraken Quad-21” Powered Subwoofer. As another "Legendary Monster of the Deep," this mythical creature turned reality introduces music enthusiasts to new depths that are both unforgettable and instantly addictive.

Despite sharing the footprint, depth, and impact of the Kraken, the Makara-MK3 adds portability and versatility, making it significantly smaller and more manageable. Its 48” x 28” x 36” frame, is crafted to fit through most doors, offering unprecedented convenience when maneuvering this powerhouse subwoofer.

This double 21-inch powered subwoofer achieves a maximum sustained output of 143 dB SPL at 1 meter, with a peak SPL of 146 dB. The 21” transducers boast 4.5” CCAW voice coils and Neodymium motors, delivering an ideal combination of efficiency and motor force. Integrated with comprehensive DSP, the Makara-MK3 features BASSBOSS's secret sauce—proprietary processing.

Built for durability from 18 mm marine-grade Birch plywood, the BASSBOSS Makara-MK3 stands resilient in any environment. Its frame, finished in a black, textured, bonded, high-pressure polyurea coating, is not just robust but aesthetically pleasing.

The BASSBOSS Makara-MK3 interlocks seamlessly with the Kraken, providing the ideal building blocks for "a wall of bass." This subwoofer is not just a speaker; it's a manifestation of BASSBOSS' commitment to facilitating unforgettable experiences through powerful yet practical products.

The BASSBOSS Makara-MK3 Double 21" Powered Subwoofer is set to conquer the audio realm, available in late March. For those seeking to push the boundaries of sonic excellence, visit or connect with your local BASSBOSS dealer for more information.

The Makara-MK3 is not just a subwoofer; it's an invitation to experience sound in dimensions yet explored.